When it’s time to begin, it’s worth taking a moment to gaze down the road a little and make sure the route in front of you is the one you really want to take. The end may look appealing, and the first steps may be exciting, but how about all the time in between?

For instance, if you’re a young athlete, and you want to make it to the pros, the path to that dream is going to be extremely difficult. It will take discipline, and practice, and even saying no to other enjoyable activities, in order to even have a shot. Are you sure you really want to go down this demanding, and at times painful, road? And if so, are you willing to pay the price to do so?

It can be easy to get caught up in focusing on the fame and success that others have achieved, while overlooking what it actually took to get there. But if you’re unwilling (or unable) to do what it takes to get what you think you want, wouldn’t it be better to not even start down that road?

Everything worth having will cost you something. Better to account for those costs on the front end, than to start down a road and only later realize the tolls to continue were far more than you’re able to pay.