“…The really important things are the things about which men will fight.” –J. Gresham Machen

You can often tell what people care most about by what they choose to fight for. Some will argue over politics or religion, others over sports teams, still others over artists or schools or tech companies.

Now you may say you care about this or that. But if you’re unwilling to take a stand for it, what are you saying about the depth of your conviction? Or, you may say you don’t care that much about something else, but invest plenty of energy in taking, and defending, a position concerning it. I can say my religion is more important to me than my favorite football team, but if I’m more willing to take a stand for the team than I am for the truths I say I believe, what does that say about what I really find important?

If you’re curious about what’s really important to you, take an honest look at what you’re willing to fight for. Because that’s where you’ll find your answer.