People hire others to handle their financial investments all the time. But there’s another class of investments that are even more important than where you put your money. And you can’t hire them out. They’re things only you can manage.

What are these investments? They’re how you choose to spend your time. Regardless of your background or status, every day you have exactly 24 hours to invest. It’s a finite resource. And only you can decide how you’ll use it.

So take a moment to think about today. What are some quality investments you can make with your time? Spending undistracted time with friends and family? Focusing on some projects that are important, but never urgent? Exercising and nourishing your body, mind, and soul? Taking time for rest or recreation, not merely amusement?

Whatever these investments look like, you’re the one who has to make them. Because, unlike your retirement account, you can’t delegate that responsibility to someone else.