1. Learning from the Amish

    It can be easy to look at the Amish and think of all the ways they are out-of-touch with modern society. Some may even consider them anti-technology. But this isn't exactly accurate.
  2. Without a Plan

    Without a plan, it's much easier to meander; without a plan, we can head down unexpected routes. And sometimes, that's exactly what we want. But...
  3. Costly Interruptions

    Sometimes you have little control over the interruptions you experience. But how many times are the interruptions within your control?
  4. Managing Your Most Important Investments

    People hire others to handle their financial investments all the time. But there's another class of investments that are even more important than where you put your money.
  5. Needing More Time

    We all want more time. But if we’re honest, how well are we using the time we already have?
  6. What Defines Success?

    Whether you're successful or not depends on what you're aiming for.
  7. Who Will Decide?

    Letting someone else decide, or deciding not to decide, doesn’t mean you're no longer responsible for the outcome.
  8. What Others Think

    Should you always disregard what others will think?
  9. Standing Up Again

    When looking at 'successful' people, it's easy to only pay attention to the wins, and forget about the losses.
  10. Cancer of Selfishness

    In life, it can be tempting to try to hold on to what we have, and to grasp for even more. Instead of being self-less, we can become selfish. But at what cost?