Just like FoMO can keep us focused on everything else that’s going on, the “Fear of Missing Out” can also affect us in other ways. Besides watching everything else that’s going on, we can actually end up trying to do everything too. We say yes to every invitation, we stay busy with one thing after another, and in the end we can get overextended.

We don’t want to miss out, and since we have so much on our plates, we can easily fail to invest in things like rest, reflection, and quality time with those we love. Yet it’s things like these that can actually help us make the most of whatever situations we find ourselves in. They’re not urgent, they don’t scream for our attention, but neglecting them can cause us to miss a richness and deepness to life that isn’t found in the midst of busyness.

Yes, we’re going to miss out on some things as we go along. But if we’re diligent to invest time in keeping ourselves healthy—physically, spiritually, mentally, relationally—we can at least make the most of the experiences we do encounter.