1. Providing Direction

    If people are looking to you to lead them, you may feel the pressure to have all the answers. But often, perfection is not what people are looking for.
  2. Trim Tabs and Habit Formation

    Just like trim tabs leverage existing forces to help steer a vessel, it's possible to leverage existing desires and aversions in the process of habit formation.
  3. Making the Most of Limited Time

    We all have the same number of minutes each day at our disposal. So how do you make the most of this finite resource?
  4. Doesn't Have to Be Perfect

    The question is not: Is it perfect? Or course it won’t be perfect. Here are some better questions to ask.
  5. A Skill Worth Mastering

    If we're bound to make mistakes, we may as well get good at learning from them.
  6. Dealing With Too Much to Do

    If you’ve got too much to do, there are two ways to deal with all those things you can’t get to.
  7. The Endless Chase

    Last week I noticed our cat playing a favorite game of hers. She spies something -- perhaps a fly or piece of string or bit of fuzz -- and then sneaks up and tries to pounce on it.
  8. The Power of Delusion

    When someone is deluded, it doesn’t matter how great or sound the evidence is against him. He won’t be convinced.