1. The Firewall Held

    The firewall didn't stop the fire from starting, but it did limit its impact.
  2. Captive Market

    Do people choose you because they love what you do and how you do it? Or because they don’t see any other viable alternatives?
  3. Full-Grown Pleasure

    The initial experience was only the beginning; it wasn't full-grown then.
  4. One Beauty of the Flow of Time

    You may not always like the constant flow of time, but there is an aspect of this reality that can also be of solace.
  5. The Cost of Increased Efficiency

    The new gadget may save you time once you know how to use it, but how many hours will you need to invest to get to that point?
  6. The Constipation of Bittersweet Philosophy

    Asking “why am I doing this?” and “where am I headed?” are good questions to ask. Just don’t forget to also enjoy the present moment while you still can.
  7. Tending To Lunch Now, Dying Later

    Around eleven in the morning, message came that his fate was being decided at that very hour. And so, he proceeded to do what he always did around eleven in the morning.
  8. First Things First

    In one aspect, trying to do too many things at once is easier than picking just one to the exclusion of the others. It's easier because it alleviates the need to do the hard work of prioritization.
  9. Seeking Validation

    Validation feels great. But just because you feel validated doesn’t mean you’re on the right path.
  10. Show Me a Plan

    I don’t care nearly as much about whether we’re there yet—wherever there may be—as I do about whether we’re moving forward.
  11. Not a Waste

    Just because it ends up in the wastebasket, doesn’t mean it was all a waste.
  12. Discipline's Relationship To Freedom

    Discipline and freedom may appear to be opposites. But in reality, discipline does not restrict freedom. It's actually a means of increasing it.
  13. Attention & Devotion

    You'll never grow in your love or appreciation for someone if you never notice them. You won't deepen your enthusiasm for something if you never give it any thought.
  14. Time to Upgrade?

    Sometimes what worked well not that long ago is insufficient for the needs of today.
  15. Rights & Responsibilities

    Whenever you hear a discussion involving rights, do you also hear a corresponding discussion about responsibilities?
  16. Why Not Now?

    You know it needs to be done. You know you'd like to at some point. Well, why not today? Why not now?
  17. More Isn't The Answer

    How many times have you thought that if you were only rich or famous, or had done all the things you had hoped to do, then you'd be happy?
  18. Indirect Impact

    Sometimes our choices and actions impact others in ways we never know.
  19. Sure You Want to Pull That?

    In the midst of difficulty, you may sometimes wish for time to move faster. But are you sure that's really what you want?
  20. The Value of Some Escapist Literature

    Fairy tales and other fantasy stories are sometimes described as 'escapist' literature by their critics--a term often laden with negative connotations. But should it be?
  21. What's the One Thing?

    In his book, The ONE Thing, Gary Keller recommends using one simple question to help clarify your focus.
  22. How Much Land Does a Man Need?

    Pahom wasn't itching with outlandish desires. He just wanted a little land so he could be self-sufficient. And then just a little bit more.
  23. Just A Little Poison Every Day

    His father had been killed by poisoning, and Mithradates was determined the same fate would not befall him.
  24. The Business of Our Lives

    When it comes to our lives, what exactly is our 'business'? That is, what ought to concern us?
  25. Choosing to Prepare

    The best time to prepare for an opportunity is before it crosses your path. But what if you're unsure whether it ever will?
  26. Gradual Buildup

    The actions of today may not seem like a big deal in themselves. But little by little they can become a big deal if given enough time.
  27. From Resolutions to Habits

    It’s your daily habits that affect not only where you go, but also who you become along the way.
  28. I Can’t or I Won’t

    There’s a difference between saying “I can’t” and “I won’t”—between being un-able to do something and being un-willing to do it.
  29. The Chains of Habit

    Little by little, habits become stronger and stronger. What starts as something barely perceptible can one day grow into something almost unbreakable.
  30. Today's Masterpiece

    Just because it doesn't look like a masterpiece yet, doesn't mean you can't make one of what's still in front of you.
  31. A Place (and Time) for Everything

    The old saying, A place for everything and everything in its place, is applicable to more than just the physical stuff lying around.
  32. Thankful For and Thankful To

    When we're giving thanks, do we go beyond identifying what we’re thankful for, and also identify who we’re thankful to?
  33. The Gift of Being Asked

    If someone asks me for my advice, and I’m able to help them out, I’m usually grateful for the opportunity. But how often do I extend this same opportunity the other way?
  34. Passing On Lessons for Tomorrow

    Future generations will have a wealth of information literally at their fingertips. But having information and flourishing as a human are not the same.
  35. How Big Is Your Story?

    While it’s quite natural to think about our lives in terms of stories, it's also important to consider the scope of these narratives.