1. Sure You Want to Pull That?

    In the midst of difficulty, you may sometimes wish for time to move faster. But are you sure that's really what you want?
  2. The Value of Some Escapist Literature

    Fairy tales and other fantasy stories are sometimes described as 'escapist' literature by their critics--a term often laden with negative connotations. But should it be?
  3. What's the One Thing?

    In his book, The ONE Thing, Gary Keller recommends using one simple question to help clarify your focus.
  4. How Much Land Does a Man Need?

    Pahom wasn't itching with outlandish desires. He just wanted a little land so he could be self-sufficient. And then just a little bit more.
  5. Just A Little Poison Every Day

    His father had been killed by poisoning, and Mithradates was determined the same fate would not befall him.
  6. The Business of Our Lives

    When it comes to our lives, what exactly is our 'business'? That is, what ought to concern us?
  7. Choosing to Prepare

    The best time to prepare for an opportunity is before it crosses your path. But what if you're unsure whether it ever will?
  8. Gradual Buildup

    The actions of today may not seem like a big deal in themselves. But little by little they can become a big deal if given enough time.
  9. From Resolutions to Habits

    It’s your daily habits that affect not only where you go, but also who you become along the way.
  10. I Can’t or I Won’t

    There’s a difference between saying “I can’t” and “I won’t”—between being un-able to do something and being un-willing to do it.
  11. The Chains of Habit

    Little by little, habits become stronger and stronger. What starts as something barely perceptible can one day grow into something almost unbreakable.
  12. Today's Masterpiece

    Just because it doesn't look like a masterpiece yet, doesn't mean you can't make one of what's still in front of you.
  13. A Place (and Time) for Everything

    The old saying, A place for everything and everything in its place, is applicable to more than just the physical stuff lying around.
  14. Thankful For and Thankful To

    When we're giving thanks, do we go beyond identifying what we’re thankful for, and also identify who we’re thankful to?
  15. The Gift of Being Asked

    If someone asks me for my advice, and I’m able to help them out, I’m usually grateful for the opportunity. But how often do I extend this same opportunity the other way?
  16. Passing On Lessons for Tomorrow

    Future generations will have a wealth of information literally at their fingertips. But having information and flourishing as a human are not the same.
  17. How Big Is Your Story?

    While it’s quite natural to think about our lives in terms of stories, it's also important to consider the scope of these narratives.
  18. A Tool For Making the Most of Your Reading

    I’ve noticed that one simple tool can make a big difference in my reading. It’s common, it’s cheap, and it does a superb job in helping me gain a better understanding of what I'm looking at.
  19. The 20-Mile March

    You may not be able to control the circumstances you face, but you can choose to be consistent in the midst of them.
  20. Why Again

    Kids are good at asking 'why.' And as you’ve probably experienced, sometimes they aren’t content with the first answer.
  21. Priming the Pump

    The key is to get the flow started. Because once it gets started, it's much easier to keep it going.
  22. Providing Direction

    If people are looking to you to lead them, you may feel the pressure to have all the answers. But often, perfection is not what people are looking for.
  23. Trim Tabs and Habit Formation

    Just like trim tabs leverage existing forces to help steer a vessel, it's possible to leverage existing desires and aversions in the process of habit formation.
  24. Making the Most of Limited Time

    We all have the same number of minutes each day at our disposal. So how do you make the most of this finite resource?
  25. Doesn't Have to Be Perfect

    The question is not: Is it perfect? Or course it won’t be perfect. Here are some better questions to ask.
  26. A Skill Worth Mastering

    If we're bound to make mistakes, we may as well get good at learning from them.
  27. Dealing With Too Much to Do

    If you’ve got too much to do, there are two ways to deal with all those things you can’t get to.
  28. The Endless Chase

    Last week I noticed our cat playing a favorite game of hers. She spies something -- perhaps a fly or piece of string or bit of fuzz -- and then sneaks up and tries to pounce on it.
  29. The Power of Delusion

    When someone is deluded, it doesn’t matter how great or sound the evidence is against him. He won’t be convinced.
  30. A Wealth of Discretionary Time

    Regardless of how we may feel, many of us have a wealth of time at our discretion -- at least historically speaking.
  31. Blessings in Disguise

    How often does the apparent misfortune of today turn out to be a blessing in disguise? Here's a Chinese parable that illustrates the point.
  32. Unrecognized Courage

    Of the 59,000 U.S. troops who landed on June 6, 1944, only four received the Medal of Honor for their heroics that day. But that number probably should have been much higher.
  33. Walking With All My Senses

    When out for a walk, I frequently put my earbuds in to listen to an audiobook or podcast. But how does this use of my sense of hearing affect my experience of the walk itself?
  34. Choosing to Be Stretched

    When was the last time you put yourself in a position to be stretched? When you set out to do or learn something new, especially something that would take some effort on your part?
  35. Finding Meaning

    Whenever you’re tired, exhausted, and ready to give up, just remember why you’re doing what you’re doing.
  36. On Birthdays

    A birthday is technically just another day. And yet certain days -- like birthdays -- command our attention more than others.