In order to give you a little background on the person behind the blog, here are a few bits of information about me:

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  • Home: I’m a native and lifelong resident of northern Indiana.
  • Family: I’m a husband, and father of three.
  • Education: I have an undergrad degree in Liberal Studies, and a graduate degree in Theological Studies.
  • Work: I’m a professional web developer who started tinkering with computers in middle school (early 90’s), and has worked with web-related technologies in some capacity since college (late 90’s).
  • Religion: I’m a Christian, at first due to heritage, but later by choice.
  • Interests: I enjoy reading philosophy, theology, history, and business. In addition to study, I also like chess, playing the piano, and taking really long walks.

What I’m currently up to

About this blog

I started this blog at the beginning of 2015, having long wanted to write more regularly, but never doing so consistently. My goal here is to share what I’m learning—either from books I’ve read, observations I’ve made, or experiences I’ve had. The topics will vary, but they regularly revolve around what it means to live and work well.

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Or contact me via email: shawn@shawnmaust.com


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