1. Standing Up Again

    When looking at 'successful' people, it's easy to only pay attention to the wins, and forget about the losses.
  2. Cancer of Selfishness

    In life, it can be tempting to try to hold on to what we have, and to grasp for even more. Instead of being self-less, we can become selfish. But at what cost?
  3. Consistently Not Stupid

    Why have Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger been so successful in their investing? According to Munger, much of it stemmed from avoiding costly mistakes.
  4. Being In Sync

    The performance of a group is not just affected by the skill of each member, but by how all of the members are able to stay in sync with each other.
  5. In Front of Your Face

    What you keep in sight will affect both your thoughts and actions.
  6. Checking Spare Tires

    A spare tire is one of those things that can be easy to ignore until you need it.
  7. The Cost of a Meeting

    The cost of a meeting is more than just the time allocated for the meeting.
  8. Playback Speed

    With some things, getting through them as fast as possible isn't the point
  9. Walking in Their Skin

    You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view
  10. Royal Beauty Bright

    A Notre Dame astrophysicist explains his hypothesis about the Christmas star
  11. When You're Forced To

    Sometimes we're forced to deal with issues all because we neglected to address them earlier, when we had a chance.
  12. Why the Rush?

    How many times would we end up in approximately the same spot if we had not been in such hurry? And how much self-imposed annoyance and frustration would we save ourselves along the way?
  13. Always Listening

    There are countless ways you can keep yourself from experiencing silence in the course of day, if you so choose.
  14. Willing to Fight

    '...The really important things are the things about which men will fight. --J. Gresham Machen'
  15. Learning When to Compare

    Knowing how to compare is a valuable skill to have in life. But knowing when---and when not---to compare can be just as important.
  16. Irrational Fear

    Fear can both hijack our thoughts today, and potentially drive us to live in ways we'll one day regret.
  17. The World Our Mind Creates

    Our experience of life is profoundly shaped by how we choose to *think* about the events and circumstances we encounter.
  18. Counting the Cost

    When it’s time to begin, it’s worth taking a moment to gaze down the road a little and make sure the route in front of you is the one you really want to take.
  19. Sunk Costs

    Sometimes the expenditures of the past have an inordinate influence on what we decide to do in the present.
  20. Quitters Never Win?

    Is quitting really that bad? It all depends on how you define it.
  21. Choosing What to Read

    When it's time to pick up something to read, where do you start?
  22. Habits That Stick

    When it comes to habit formation, consistency is what it's all about.
  23. Some Good Memory

    It's hard to overestimate the value of having some good memory stored away.
  24. When Anchors Fail

    In hanging shelves, the anchors we use matter. The same principle applies to our lives as well.
  25. Reaching for the Moon

    "In the hopes of reaching the moon, men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet." --Albert Schweitzer
  26. What's the Rush?

    Choosing to hurry comes at a price---a price that is rarely worth what it costs.
  27. The Joy of Missing Out

    Instead of being afraid to miss out, what if we gladly accepted this reality?
  28. The Storehouse of the Past

    With every day that goes by, we trade possibilities for realities, turning what-could-be into what-has-been.
  29. Reading for Understanding

    Using a book to acquire new facts---reading for information---is different than using the book to grow in our understanding of ourselves and the world.
  30. What's 'Bored'?

    Sometimes all that's needed in a 'boring' situation is a little curiosity and imagination.
  31. On Being Careful

    Being careful can save you a lot of grief. But when wrongly focused it can also be a problem.
  32. More Than the Bottom Line

    Although economic implications have their place, life is far more than dollars and cents.
  33. Trimming Suckers

    In horticulture, pruning is an essential art. In life, it is no less important.
  34. Killing Time

    Saying we have some time to 'kill,' makes it sound like time isn't that valuable -- like it's expendable. And we all know that's not the case.