On those days where things don’t start out exactly as planned, where there are early missteps and frustrations, remember you can still choose to make the most of what remains.

Coach John Wooden used to say, “Make each day your masterpiece.” And, ideally, that’s what each day would be. You would do your best in everything you do while having a great attitude along the way. But what do you do when this isn’t how the day is shaping up—when it isn’t looking like a masterpiece of any kind?

First, remember that the past is the past, and there’s no going back to change it. And second, regardless of the past, remember you still have the power to choose your actions moving forward. You can decide who or what to focus on. You can choose how you respond to whatever happens.

Even if you didn’t have the best morning, you can still make the most of the afternoon. Even if the workday was not ideal, you can still choose to make the most of the evening. Just because it doesn’t look like a masterpiece yet doesn’t mean you can’t make one of what’s still in front of you.