When you’re deciding what to keep around and what to get rid of, here’s a helpful question to ask: If I didn’t already have this, would I go out and get it?

You could ask a similar question of items on your schedule, including your daily routines: If I wasn’t already doing this, would I start doing it now?

Just because something was once valuable doesn’t mean it will always be. Seasons change, needs change, and what was once helpful may no longer be. Deciding to let it go isn’t denying the value it once provided.

Whether it be your schedule, your commitments, or all the stuff you’ve accumulated over the years, if you had to rebuild it all from scratch, what would you be sure to add back in if you could? And what wouldn’t be missed?

Because if you’re not sure you would go out and replace it, that may also be a sign that it’s okay if you decide to let it go.