Do you like change?

Some of us do, some of us don’t. And we all have our reasons why. But it’s important to remember that change in itself is a part of life. In a sense, it’s part of what we were made for.

Wait, I was made for “change’?

Yes. You were. And here’s why: Part of what it means to be a living being is to grow. And, like it or not, growth always entails change.

At times these changes are obvious. Consider the changes a baby goes through over the first year of her life, or how a teenager changes as he goes through puberty. But even if our physical growth has slowed or stopped, we still have the capacity to grow in our knowledge, and skills, and relationships.

But to grow in these various areas means things cannot remain as they currently are. Things will need to change. And sometimes that change can be uncomfortable, since it necessitates venturing out beyond what we’ve known or are comfortable with.

But to stay where we’re at — to resist change — only keeps us from the pathway of growth. And growth is something we were all intended to experience.