When traveling, there’s value in having fellow travelers. I experienced this first-hand on a recent family trip.

We were driving along on the interstate when one of our tires suddenly went flat. We knew immediately something was wrong, and pulled over to the shoulder of the road. Unfortunately, the bad tire was on the driver’s side, not far from the continuous stream of traffic. We were also going to need to move the kids and their car seats in order to reach the spare tire and jack under the van floor.

Thankfully, we had some fellow travelers (my parents) who were driving behind us. And having them there was a huge relief. Mom helped keep an eye on the kids, and Dad gave me hand in swapping out the tire. It took a little while, and having those extra sets of hands and eyes were much appreciated.

Sure, we could have probably taken care of everything on our own. But it would have taken much longer, and been more stressful, and I can assure you I was very glad to have them nearby.

Having others with you when you’re traveling is valuable. Not just on road trips, but also in life. You never know what may come up, and having someone nearby to lend a helping hand, or provide companionship along the journey, can make quite a difference.