I’m currently reading through Don Quixote, and it’s been a great reminder of the power of delusion. When someone is deluded, it doesn’t matter how great or sound the evidence is against him. He won’t be convinced. If anything, he’ll turn these arguments against his position into evidence for his position. It’s unassailable. And he’ll invariably come up with another reason to rationalize his stance.

Now, delusion can be easy to see in others but virtually impossible to see in ourselves. And this is a sobering realization. Of course, we’re going to think we’re right. But if everyone disagrees with us and pushes back, that’s something worth noting. Truth is not determined by majority vote, but it’s usually evident enough to garner the attention of more than a single person. So if no one sees what we see, or everyone keeps warning us of the same thing, it may be time to listen.