When Priorities Collide: Making Room for What’s Most Important

When it comes to your calendar, have you ever found yourself struggling to make everything fit? It can be difficult, if not impossible, to fit in time for work, for friends and family, for hobbies and recreation, for health and exercise, not to mention possible side projects or additional education. This is especially challenging when the things you’re trying to fit in are all worthwhile in themselves. How do you decide how to spend your time? How do you ensure that you’re not neglecting those things that are most important to you?

Making Changes, One at a Time

It’s tempting to want to do everything right now. The fear is if we don’t do it now, it won’t get done. The downside in taking an everything-at-once approach, though, is that it’s all too easy for us to take on too much. And in the end we don’t see the overall progress we had hoped.

On Thought Leadership

I’ve noticed a trend in how both individuals and organizations want to be known as “thought leaders” in their field. And while thought leaders certainly exists, here are a couple observations about this push to be labeled as such.

Is It Time to Unsubscribe?

Some people are efficient in processing their emails. But there’s something even more effective than being able to quickly process the ones that arrive in your inbox. It’s choosing to keep the unnecessary ones from showing up there in the first place.

I Could Do That

How many times have you heard someone look at the accomplishments of another and say, “Oh, I could do that”? Maybe you’ve said the same thing on occasion. And while this may indeed be true, there’s a big difference between being ‘capable’ of doing something, and actually doing it.