With all of the rain and sun we’ve received over the past several weeks, the grass around the neighborhood is starting to grow quickly. But as I look around, I’m noticing that the grass isn’t alone in enjoying the recent weather. The weeds are also loving it. Instead of standing idly by, they’re taking advantage of the weather too, growing while they have a chance.

Similarly, sometimes the weeds in our lives and organizations can take root and grow when everything seems to be going great. We get comfortable. And before long, we grow complacent. And soon, little weeds sprout up. Pride or greed or apathy finds some space, and because everything else seems to be going so well, we fail to take notice.

Good times are great. But they don’t prevent weeds from taking root. Like lawns and gardens, our lives and organizations go through seasons. And keeping them healthy in the long-term requires regular weeding, even in the best of times.