This past December, our family attended my daughter’s ballet recital. During the evening, we saw several different groups of children perform, with a wide range of ages and skills represented. But in the midst of this variety, there was one thing that applied to every group: the performance of the group was not just affected by the skill of each member, but by how all of the members were able to stay in sync with each other. One person may do their part flawlessly, but if everyone else isn’t doing the same, it’s going to look off.

The value of being in sync can be seen in all kinds of sports and team activities. A team may have extremely talented players. But if they fail to work together, they may end up losing to another team that, though they may not have the same level of individual talent, are able to work in perfect unison.

Individual talent can take you a long way in certain areas. But as soon as you’re competing or performing as a group, the ability of the group to work together becomes just as important. So, if you’re in a partnership or team of some kind—including your business or family—pay attention to if and how everyone is working together. Because if that’s not happening well, you’ll be limited in what you’re able to accomplish.