There are times when paying attention to what others think is unnecessary. Sometimes it may even be harmful. You can end up acting against your better judgment, or fail to do the things you should be doing. And all because of a fear of what others will say.

So should you always disregard what others will think? There are many cases where it can be helpful to do so. But sometimes the responses of others can call your attention to potential blind spots.

For instance, let’s say you’re worried that others will see your actions and think you’re a jerk. First, you should clarify, “Well, am I? Am I actually being a jerk?” Because if you’re not, and other people don’t have the full story, you can safely disregard them. But if you are actually being a jerk, and you don’t want to be, that’s worth being aware of.

If you always ignore what others will think, you can miss out on valuable perspective. So, before dismissing the opinions of others, especially the ones you don’t like, see if there’s any truth to them. There will be plenty of times where they’ll be safe to disregard. But sometimes they can also help you see areas you may have overlooked.